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Underpressure Power & Performance

5  Reviews

(719) 575-0202
1739 S Academy Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80916


UPP offers the highest level of automotive service to Colorado Springs & the Pikes Peak region.

Phone Numbers

(719) 575-0202


dyno tuning, performance upgrades, engine builds, general maintenance & repairs


Turbos, Turbo Kits, Superchargers, Nitrous, Intakes, Exhaust, ECUs, Fuel Systems, Fuel Injectors, Intercoolers

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Payment Methods

Cash , Visa , Mastercard , American Express , Discover , Debit Card


Turbos, Turbo Kits, Superchargers, Nitrous, Intakes, Exhaust, ECUs, Fuel Systems, Fuel Injectors, Intercoolers

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ASE Certified

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Average Rating (5)

real reviews for cosprings

They screwed up my truck, over charged me, and told me they can do nothing about it to get it running the way it was before I brought it in that shop.So I paid them a few thousand for my truck to run like garbage. DONT GO TO THERE SHOP there are plenty more shops in Co Springs that can actually do what they tell you AND NOT RIPP YOU OFF!.


First of all Under Pressure is the best shop in town. All of the employees there really know their stuff. They are up front and honest and don’t try and charge you for all this crap other shops say you need. I would recommend that anyone that wanted their car done right the first time to take it to UPP. And to address Tim or whatever you don’t know anything I mean really who would even listen to you, you can't even spell responsibility, or jackasses (correct way). That's the way they are correctly spelled in case you were wondering. You have to sign a waiver for the dyno you read it you signed it you understood it. Don't blame them for you POS car falling apart. Here is a thought instead of putting $ into a POS car that is already broke down buy a new one!!! I mean I am not Bill Nye the science guy or anything but just a thought. And to TB_STI I am sure that your comments and continued patronage is greatly appreciated I know I will never go anywhere else or let anyone else put their hands on my car.


I took my Subaru WRX there after another shop tuned it (Revolutions), they made 50 MORE awhp than the other shop that had supposedly "tuned" it previous. And they compared it to a stock tune on my car, the other shop only made 12awhp over stock. These guys know their stuff, and they know it well. Awesome knowledge, awesome customer service, awesome expierence all around! I would recommend these guys to anyone! And for the other guy that left a comment....how is it their fault that your car broke, or that your airride went down? Why do you have airride on their anyways, you know you can't ever acheive the corret pinion angle and that's probably why your pos broke! Stop being a tool and blaming others for your crappy build!


These guys aren't like any other shop I've been to, they know their stuff, and they're completely honest. CK (the owner) could have totally taken advantage of me and made a bigger sale, but instead he was honest and explained that I didn't need all the stuff the other shop told me I needed! He lost a little profit on the sale, but made a CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!!!


This business had a free dyno day and I took my truck to it and they put it on the dyno and did one pull and next thing you know the suspension dropped in the right front(Air ride suspension) and the the driveshaft failed. They would not offer to pay for it or take responsivablity at all. They said you signed a waiver and it your fault. Don't ever go there they are jackass's and don't know what they are doing! now I need a new transmission, driveshaft and maybe a new rearend, not to mention the damage from the driveshaft. Don't ever go there!

8.8 Miles

(719) 201-9472

4760 Squirreltail Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80920

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2.3 Miles

(719) 633-5780

1715 Monterey Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80910

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(719) 635-5053

425 N Circle Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80909