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Bo's Automotive Service

2  Reviews

(719) 448-9711
3005 E Saint Vrain St
Colorado Springs, CO 80909-6218

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(719) 448-9711

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Colorado Springs

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I sent my vehicle in for at the most a week long repair and got it back over a MONTH later. He claimed he was trying to find me a good deal, but a month without a car is ridiculous and costly. I went in for a clutch job and I got my car back with two new problems that had nothing to do with what he repaired. -my hood does not close properly, he claimed it was his fault but did nothing to fix it, and said it would be UNSAFE to drive it on the interstate. - Somewhere during the mounting my speedometer sensor "fell off" and he would not claim to pay for it. I asked when this happened and he said a few days ago. I responded by asking why it wasn't brought to my attention because that is very unsafe and ILLEGAL to drive without a speedometer. He didn't respond with anything worth repeating because all he said was it wasn't his fault. He did nothing to find me a new one and basically handed me the part and said if I found a replacement he would put it in no cost. He is a one man shop so his time deadlines ( he gave me 8 different ones ) cannot be trusted. I was in no way satisfied with his performance.


My vehicle went in for at the most a week long job. I got it back over a MONTH later. he claimed he was trying to find me the best deal, but really he just never worked on it. I got my car back with a missing speedometer sensor and a hood that wouldn't close properly and he himself said is unsafe to drive with. he wouldn't claim the speedometer was his fault because it 'fell off.' This is a 50-60 dollar part that is now my problem which wasn't before. I asked him when the sensor came off and he said a few days before he handed me the keys to the car (after over a MONTH). I asked why it wasn't brought to my attention earlier when it happened and why nothing was done to fix it. He would not give me a direct answer but basically it wasn't his problem. yes, my car runs. but it is now ILLEGAL and UNSAFE (his exact words for my hood that doesn't close properly) for me to drive. He is a one man shop and he told me this over and over again. I was given 7 different deadlines to when my car would be done and all of them were past due with the excuse that he is a one man shop and he needed to give people estimates. Obviously my vehicle was not a priority to him and I would never recommend him because his time estimates are not reliable.

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(719) 201-9472

4760 Squirreltail Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80920

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(719) 633-5780

1715 Monterey Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80910

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(719) 635-5053

425 N Circle Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80909