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Dee's RV Inc

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(719) 634-7606
2330 Naegele Rd
Colorado Springs, CO 80904-3333


RV Dealer Dees RV, Colorado Springs Used RV Sales And Sales Of New RVs Including Several Lines Of 5th Wheels And Trailers

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(719) 634-7606
(719) 634-1248
(719) 634-1248

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Colorado Springs

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There are a few things you need to watch for when dealing with Dee's RV. First, and for reasons that are completely foreign to me, Dee's RV has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau in Colorado. Pre-sales: First, they are very accommodating and friendly and will bend over backwards to get your business. Second, they have a pretty good selection to choose from and the prices are fair. Third, if you are going to finance your RV do it through them. It will give you some leverage after the sale is over and they have your money. Trust me, you’re going to need it. Post-sales: If you need your RV or trailer repaired be sure and double-check the quality of the work performed. They will repair what you need repaired, but the quality of the repair can be substandard. If you did not buy your RV or trailer from them, don’t even bother calling. If you need assistance with anything after the sale, it will be up to you to crack the whip on these people. They will not return calls (even when they tell you they will call you back), nor will they follow up on your requests. Sometimes it takes several phone calls from you, over a period of several days or weeks to get an answer to any but the simplest inquiry. If you must contact Dee's RV for assistance, do not talk to Rich. First, he won't know anything. Second, he won't be able to find out anything. Third, he will not call you back or return phone calls. If you do speak with him, what he will do is make you feel like your inquiry is the most important thing on his agenda. He will also make as many excuses as is necessary to postpone giving information that is of any value to you. Here again, with Rich, you MUST take the initiative because he will not. By all means, ask for someone else. If you do contact them document everything with date and time. Document all phone calls, everything that was said, and who you spoke with. If you live in a "single party consent" state (which most states are) consider recording the phone conversation that you have with them (as I did). Colorado IS a single consent state, so if you live in Colorado, break out the recorder. The last, and probably the best advice I can give you is look elsewhere. There are way too many other RV dealers (and individuals) that you can buy from and not have to put up with the headaches associated with Dee's RV. Good luck and happy RV'ing!



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